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Maven Group, LLC offers a complete range of consulting services, all of which provide clients with the ability to run and grow their business more efficiently. Please browse our services and contact us with any further inquiries.



The Maven Group’s first and foremost mission is to represent the interests of independent elevator companies. One of the primary ways of doing this is by helping owners and managers better understand proper procedures, programs and methods to get the most out of their services and teams.

Guidance is provided for those companies looking to sell in the future as well as for those who may never consider selling. Unlike other consulting groups, The Maven Group acts as both a facilitator and an active participant throughout the entire endeavor. Targeted guidelines of what must be done to optimize your business will be provided, as well as the best ways to enact the proposed changes. No matter what your company’s objectives may be, either to increase profits, buy a competitor or sell all or part of the business, the value of Maven will be immeasurable to achieving your goals.

Sale Preparation

As an owner, the decision to sell can be a difficult one. While the financial benefits are attractive, it is vital not to rush a sale. In the end, it’s well worth the time and cost to hire an experienced consultant to guide you through the process—as every little detail could mean hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars lost or gained.

The Maven Group will get your business in its best shape possible in preparation for its sale. You will be provided with the exact steps needed to reach your ideal outcome. Every step will be taken to maximize your profit while protecting your current employees.

Working tirelessly to ensure your business is completely prepared, our theory is: you don’t just talk through a problem—you dig into data and accounting, providing facts. The Maven Group is confident that its exclusive sell-side solutions will give your company its optimal exit strategy.


The Maven Group offers clear and articulate valuations. This ensures clients are set up to succeed. Valuations are based on the information a company provides in collaboration with our expert knowledge of the industry. This process requires extreme attention to detail and in-depth analysis.

Valuation expertise in all stages of the buying and selling process is offered. Whether you are in the beginning or middle of a sale, it can greatly benefit your outcome to bring in professional guidance.


To better understand how The Maven Group works, please view the process:

  • Evaluation of all segments and procedures of the business
  • Set/determine sale timeline if a sale is contemplated
  • Improve profitability problems
  • Evaluate sales procedures/develop procedures and client communications
  • Expansion or retraction—determine which segments of business to keep and which to discontinue

Why Maven

In business, there are always ways to improve. The best routes to reach your desired endpoints are to learn from industry professionals and experts who have already achieved the goals you desire.

The benefits of working with the Maven Group include:

  • Detailed Planning
  • In-Depth Research
  • Professional Industry Guidance
We sold portions of our company to DELAWARE Elevator in 2018 and to AREA ACCESS in 2019. Dominik’s and Bill’s guidance and assitance throughout the journey was truly invaluable.Thank you both again for everything you did!
Beth Clarke, Owner of Eastern Elevator, Winchester, VA
Maven Group helped us tremendously when we sold our company in 2019. Dominik and Bill brought various bidders to the table and we ultimately decided to go with a non-traditional buyer. Maven guided us through every step of the process by ensuring open communication with everyone involved in the project. We couldn’t have gotten this done without their industry knowledge and their connections!
Rod Barrett, Owner of American Elevator, Inc, Anderson, IN
Having known Dominik while working closely with him during the acquisition of Coastal Elevator Service by OTIS in 2011, I have always been impressed with his clear vision and ability to get the job done
John De Vincentis, Owner of Coastal Elevator, Jacksonville, FL