Over the last 30 years, we have established TEI Group as the largest independent elevator company in New York City. We engaged Maven Group before we partnered with Analogue Holdings Limited, a manufacturer of elevators and escalators based in Hong Kong. Maven Group’s expertise was invaluable throughout this marquee transaction which will undoubtedly leave an impact on the elevator industry in North America. We look forward to working with Maven Group on future acquisitions of high-performing and properly positioned independent elevator companies around the US.
Mark Gregorio, President of Transel Elevator & Electric, Inc. (TEI Group), New York, NY
We could not have sold our company to SCHINDLER in 2018 without Maven Group guiding us through the process. Dominik and Bill set up a very competitive bid situation between various potential buyers. Thanks to their preparation we went through a smooth diligence process without any of the problems of which we heard from other owners who were in similar situations without committed professional help.
Ben Boesen, Owner of Boesen Plumb Elevator Solutions in Wichita, KS
Thanks to their unique perspective on the industry, Maven Group played a crucial role when we sold our company to 3Phase Elevator / Fort Point Capital in 2019. We are very grateful for their advice and guidance throughout the process.
Steve Blevins, President of Excel Elevator & Escalator Corp, operating in NH, MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, VA, FL
I engaged Maven Group twice: When I bought Elevator Service, Inc. in 2016 and when I sold the Company to Carroll Capital in 2019.Maven Group was instrumental in the successful investor engagement, negotiation, due-diligence, and closing. Dominik Sachsenheimer has tremendous command of the industry, knows the right potential qualified partners, and skillfully navigates the complexities of an acquisition. Professional, competent, and engaged, at each phase of the process Maven exceeded expectations.
Nate McFadden, President of Elevator Service Inc, Grand Rapids, MI, Veteran Owned Business of the Year 2018
We engaged Maven Group in 2020 and sold our business to Slade/SCHINDLER. Dominik and Bill prepared us during various in-person meetings and helped us select the best buyer by creating a competitive bid environment. They also guided us through the diligence process and supported our attorney at all the critical junctions of the transaction. We could not have sealed the deal without Maven Group’s professional help!
Mike Ryan, President, Clifton Elevator Service Co (CESCO), New Plainfield, NJ
While Vice President for Otis Elevator, with responsibly covering the Midwest United States, I had the good fortune to work with Dominik Sachenheimer. Dominik provided financial leadership and oversight and served as a true business partner. There are very few in the industry who understand the ins and outs of an elevator company’s operational and financial needs better than Dominik who continuously demonstrated strategic leadership paired with rigorous attention to detail allowing him to guide senior executives, branch managers, sales staff and supervisors alike in over 25 states across the country.
David Beckett, Former Vice President, Otis Elevator
We have always focused on running a tight ship and on keeping our books in order long before we even thought of selling our business. But when we closed our deal with OTIS in 2018 we really needed Maven Group’s industry expertise to make it all happen. Dominik and Bill not only provided great advice throughout the entire process but offered hands on help on all the little details from day 1 throughout closing.
Sharon Block, Owner and CEO of Elevator Solutions, LLC in Hagerstown, MD
We sold portions of our company to DELAWARE Elevator in 2018 and to AREA ACCESS in 2019. Dominik’s and Bill’s guidance and assitance throughout the journey was truly invaluable.Thank you both again for everything you did!
Beth Clarke, Owner of Eastern Elevator, Winchester, VA
When we sold our company to ELCON in 2018 and went from being a merrit shop to a unionized company, Maven Group’s advice was crucial in helping us structure a unique deal that will benefit both parties for years to come.
Mark DeWitt, Owner and President of Traveler Elevator, Jacksonville, FL
Maven Group helped us tremendously when we sold our company in 2019. Dominik and Bill brought various bidders to the table and we ultimately decided to go with a non-traditional buyer. Maven guided us through every step of the process by ensuring open communication with everyone involved in the project. We couldn’t have gotten this done without their industry knowledge and their connections!
Rod Barrett, Owner of American Elevator, Inc, Anderson, IN
I sold my company to Otis in 2016. Without Dominik’s guidance I would have found the whole process overwhelming and might have walked away from the deal several times. He stayed calm, always pointed me in the right direction and went way beyond what I had expected. I tried to sell my business before but a deal fell through. Dominik’s balanced approach and mitigation between all parties enabled us to close a transaction that was the best for me and my family.
Sue Schulz, Owner and President of Central Elevator, Portage, MI
We thank Bill and Dominik for all their help when we sold our business in 2019. They organized all our data and set up one on one meetings with a wide array of potential buyers. During the stressful last phase when push came to shove, their perspective and guidance were much appreciated and needed, they really helped us stay the course until the finish line.
Rod Erickson, Owner, Applied Elevator Service & Sales, Denver, CO