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We provide expert guidance and consulting for independent elevator companies with a focus on mergers and acquisitions.

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As an international advisor and consultant, Maven Group, LLC specializes in all aspects of the elevator industry. When independent companies consider selling their business, we guide owners through the complex mergers & acquisition process from presale preparation to closing with the goal to maximize profits while keeping the established team protected.

We also assist companies in the daily management and organization of their team and systems. With decades of experience, we know the best way for a company to succeed is through clearly articulated and highly efficient procedures. The result is a company ready to take on any challenge with confidence and poise.


William T. Beaury

Bill Beaury

Bill Beaury started SureWay Expediting Inc. with his partner and $750 seed money. SureWay grew to $45,000,000 in revenue during the 20 years before it was sold. The complexities of Government regulation then transitioning to deregulation, adding staff and management, developing technology, financing growth, dealing with recessions, and changing markets all helped Bill prepare for Maven Group. Eventually the company was rolled into a group of companies that went through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process. The experience of it all was priceless. Read More…

Dominik Sachsenheimer

Dominik Sachsenheimer is a proven business leader and strategist across various industries and continents with 10 years of experience at the Otis Elevator Company for which he oversaw all acquisition activities in North America from 2013 to 2016. During this time, he successfully negotiated and closed a wide variety of deals from small non-union companies to larger regional players. Read More…

Preparing for Success

Maven Group, LLC offers a list of services focused on increasing our clients’ profits. By fine-tuning company processes, practices, analytics and decision-making, we set every company on the path to long-term success.

Over the last 30 years, we have established TEI Group as the largest independent elevator company in New York City. We engaged Maven Group before we partnered with Analogue Holdings Limited, a manufacturer of elevators and escalators based in Hong Kong. Maven Group’s expertise was invaluable throughout this marquee transaction which will undoubtedly leave an impact on the elevator industry in North America. We look forward to working with Maven Group on future acquisitions of high-performing and properly positioned independent elevator companies around the US.
Mark Gregorio, President of Transel Elevator & Electric, Inc. (TEI Group), New York, NY
We have always focused on running a tight ship and on keeping our books in order long before we even thought of selling our business. But when we closed our deal with OTIS in 2018 we really needed Maven Group’s industry expertise to make it all happen. Dominik and Bill not only provided great advice throughout the entire process but offered hands on help on all the little details from day 1 throughout closing.
Sharon Block, Owner and CEO of Elevator Solutions, LLC in Hagerstown, MD
I engaged Maven Group twice: When I bought Elevator Service, Inc. in 2016 and when I sold the Company to Carroll Capital in 2019.Maven Group was instrumental in the successful investor engagement, negotiation, due-diligence, and closing. Dominik Sachsenheimer has tremendous command of the industry, knows the right potential qualified partners, and skillfully navigates the complexities of an acquisition. Professional, competent, and engaged, at each phase of the process Maven exceeded expectations.
Nate McFadden, President of Elevator Service Inc, Grand Rapids, MI, Veteran Owned Business of the Year 2018
We could not have sold our company to SCHINDLER in 2018 without Maven Group guiding us through the process. Dominik and Bill set up a very competitive bid situation between various potential buyers. Thanks to their preparation we went through a smooth diligence process without any of the problems of which we heard from other owners who were in similar situations without committed professional help.
Ben Boesen, Owner of Boesen Plumb Elevator Solutions in Wichita, KS
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